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Launch a Turnkey Anti-Inflammatory Or Weight Loss Program with EndoBiologix

Doctors Reveal Secret to Helping Thousands of Arthritis Sufferers through their Anti-Inflammatory Program that has a truly WANTED side effect–rapid and long-lasting Weight Loss!

What Type of Patients Does This Program Help?

Most patients that suffer from arthritis or challenging biomechanical disorders have a few key symptoms in common. Those key symptoms are Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Disorder, Fatigue, Depression and Weight Management Issues. While all symptom management is important, weight management is a key symptom for many overweight Arthritis sufferers. As we all know, patients with unhealthy eating habits are more likely to suffer from musculoskeletal pain. Our programs are formulated to help as many patients as possible.

Address the Pain and Pounds Simultaneously

We have studied dozens of anti-inflammatory diets and programs and we’ve never seen anything work this good for arthritis inflammation sufferers. 

This breakthrough program lets people stop dieting and start living a pain-free life again without those toxic extra pounds. 

Our programs are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.


The EndoBiologix Programs

One-on-One Coaching with Doctor

Safe and Effective


Realistic and Healthy

Specialized for Clients with High-Risk

Easy and Convenient

The EndoBiologix Products

True Protein
B12 Bottle
True protein

Weight Management

Proven Turnkey Staff Driven Anti-Inflammatory / Weight Management System

Follow Patients

Easy To Follow for Patients and Staff

24/7 Support

Real Time 24/7 Patient/Doctor Hipaa Compliant Dashboard and App

Office Services

Maximize Effectiveness When Used With Other In Office Services (Rehab/Laser/Chiro/Regenerative therapies (PRP, Stem Cell) /pre-post surgical)

Improved patient

Improved patient outcomes / Improved healing response

Remote management

Remote management available ( no office visits)


HSA/FSA approved

cash revenue

Additional cash revenue stream (up to 7 figures)

True Protein bottle
Supplement with Most Powerful all in one Formula

EndoBiologix Testimonials

Patients Testimonials
Two months ago I had a health scare. I was working long hours and volunteering at church a lot. It had really wore me down. I had NO energy, my weight was the highest it had ever been in my entire life. I just wasn’t feeling well. Then one day I saw one of my old friends. He knew something was wrong. He told me to go see Dr. Neil Pai. He said he had developed an all natural easy to follow program that might be able to help me. I was intrigued so I went. I reluctantly started the 8 week program. I followed the instructions religiously and now sit here 35 lbs. lighter and 5” lower in my waist size. I also quit snoring too! I have no cravings, tons of energy, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel! I have no desire to go back to the way I was and will continue to eat the way I learned from this program. My blood work is the best it’s been in a long time. Thank you Dr. Pai for caring enough to have the conversation with me.
Toby W. Charlotte, NC
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Dr. Neil Pai


It’s interesting to note that in 2004 the cover of Time Magazine was Entitled “The Secret Killer”- The surprising link between Inflammation And heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

We now know that Inflammation is stored in our body fat. Less body fat, less Inflammation. Less Inflammation, less disease. I have used this program for many different types of patients. It works exceptionally well for Regenerative Medicine clients, metabolic patients (Diabetes, thyroid etc.), Weight loss clients. It is highly efficient for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Besides the dramatic weight and inches lost, the beauty of the
EndoBiologix program is the documentation of reduced inflammation markers on before and after blood tests. (please ask us about optional lab testing)

To Your Best Health,
Dr. Neil Pai, D.C., F.A.S.A.

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